Apr 08

What Will Be Affected If Government Shuts Down?

Wondering what will happen if the federal government shuts down?  Well so was I.  I started doing some looking around at various sources on the web and was able to find a list that CNN has put up.

Some of the things that would not be affected, is law enforcement, welfare checks, and tax refunds.  However, the military may have their pay suspended.

Departments that would close? National parks, federal courts and judges, federal courts trials and arrests, federal courts probation officers, National Reconnaissance office, homeland security administration and support personnel, the environmental protection agency, and so many more departments.The federal government will come to a grinding hault if a budget agreement is not met between lawmakers and the President. Both groups have been meeting at the White House, but still as of yet have failed to come to an agreement.  President Obama wants congressional leaders to let him know this morning if it is even possible for them to come to an agreement.  The President has stated he will not sign another stop gap measure to keep government open another week.  The Republicans and The Democrats are pointing the finger at each other.  Saying it’s the other party that isn’t doing enough or is doing too much.

The last time the government shut down, was during President Clinton’s term in 1996.

Side note:  Congress (both house and senate members) will continue to receive their paychecks during a shut down.  Some members of Congress are saying they will refuse to accept pay during the shut down if it happens.

You can see a full list of departments that would close and be open by clicking here (CNN)

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